• András Benke - doghouse bass
  • Balázs Rechner - banjo
  • László Szél - vocal
  • Robert Békefi - guitar

Here is the God’s favorite zoo, the Hangover Porch Zombies, or with a short term: HoPZ.

Balázs and Lászlo was founded the band at 2013. They tried to find enthusiastic band members for a long time, but the group was finalized, at August of 2017 only. The first gig was organized at December at the same year.  At the first quarter of 2018 they created their first demo EP, with four songs. After a few concert they have the first festival gig. At December of 2018 they started to work on their first LP.

In their repertiore they are playing classical blues, bluegrass, country and swing songs, but they are like to reshape it to be more HoPZ like.


  • 2019 - Invitato

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