• Marta Gadzina - violino
  • Weronika Bagniewska - violino
  • Maria Magdalena Woźniak - viola
  • Ignacy Krzemiński- Iwan - violoncello

 We, Marta Gadzina (I violin), Weronika Bagniewska (II violin), Maria Magdalena Wioźniak (viola) and Ignacy Krzemiński- Iwan (cello), are four music students from all over Poland, studying in Poznań, where we meet as. Quisquilia is turning this year the third year of existence, but during this time some members changed, so the reason of ouer existence are not four but seven people. We have also a releation to the festival cause the parents of the first violinist Marta where in the 90. Buskers and was also in Ferrara in 1993 with classical music. Now we also come here with classical music and with tangos composed by the great argentinan composed Astor Piazzolla. Ouer program is definitely very colorful and rich in moods. Let know the power of classical music. So come and enjoy as at Ferrara!

  • 2019 - Invitato

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