To take part in the Festival 2019 fill in the form until 30 April 2019. We’re waiting for you!


Rules and conditions to take part in the FERRARA BUSKERS FESTIVAL 2019 (23 AUGUST - 1 SEPTEMBER 2019)

The artists who take part in the FBF – which is a non-competitive event – are divided in two categories: invited musicians and fringe credited artists.

THE INVITED MUSICIANS (soloists or bands):

  • Receive hospitality (board and lodging) from the organisation and will have their travel expenses refunded.

  • They have to perform for the whole Festival unless there is a different agreement with the organisers.

  • Every year the Festival is dedicated to a Guest Nation, that means that part of the 20 bands invited are coming from that nation to represent it.

  • The invited acts (soloists, duo or bands) are 20.

THE FRINGE CREDITED ARTISTS (who are mostly musicians but also artists performing other street shows typologies):

  • Can benefit only from the special offers for accommodation and restaurants suggested by the Organisation.

  • The number of the performing fringe credited bands varies every day, according to the space availability. In any case we expect to have 300 bands distributed during the 8 days of the Festival.

No artists/bands will get money for their performances from the organisation.

But all the buskers can ’pass their hat’.

Respecting the figure of the street musician/artist, we would like to point out that: (READ CAREFULLY):

  1. Electricity is NOT allowed
  2. Generators are NOT accepted
  3. Too powerful amplifiers are not allowed (battery systems –max 50/100 watt- are accepted).
  4. Your check-in we will check the amplifier plant.
  5. Complete drums are not accepted (only a maximum of 3 pieces in muted bass drum are allowed).
  6. The application forms, presentations, images and video/audio files uploaded by the accepted bands will be published on the FBF website. CDs and DVDs are kindly requested by the organisation for its archive ( to be sent by ordinary post).
  7. We remind you that incomplete applications or with no sufficient material or with not working videos, will not be considered.
  8. our confirmation will be considered as tacit approval concerning your constant presence at the Festival during days given by our staff. Accepting our Accreditation you will be part of our program. Penalty the exclusion from future editions of the Festival.